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Humorous Yet Educational Humorous Yet Educational

Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Humorous Yet Educational" Exactly

Very nice. It was informative and yet it still kept my attention. The video clips were high enough quality that you could actually watch them. Most flash animations that use video clips are usually too compressed and they look like junk. This was nice. The history just made it even better. This is the kind of video kids should see instead of the 1975 video tape your health teacher has. The only complaint I can make is the music. It kind of made the humor seem a bit more childish than it really is. The song isn't bad, the flash wasn't bad, I just think the song choice was a bit off. Other than that wee nit-pick, good job.

TheTy responds:

thanks a lot for the honest feedback.

the song was a last minute decision because background music was mandatory.

i too have visions of this flash someday being played in classrooms nation-wide :)

The Matrix Downloaded The Matrix Downloaded

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing work :)

The Matrix Downloaded is how I met zonzo in the first place. I kept bothering him day after day "TMD TMD TMD!!!", now it's out and I couldn't be more happy. Amazing job. Shame you guys had so many problems. No offense to LF fans, but I mean this compared to The Matrix Still Has You? Come on, it's a no brainer. TMD takes the gold. All three of you never fail to impress, you should work together more often.

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Pizza Guys 2 Pizza Guys 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Zonzo si t3h pwn!

Awesome work! Some of the voices were louder then others, then again it's an online animation, nothing can be perfect! Pizza Guys was amazing, and right when everyone thought it couldn't improve you just slapped us all around with this awesome animation. Front Page or I sue! The harpoonal homicide threw me off at the end, but the total randomness of it all made me laugh.

(P.S. I hear the guy that voiced Megatron is a very very VERY sexy and super awesome person!)

Oh crap, I have to ego is showing ;)

Keep up the awesome work, I look forward to future projects you make!