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Amazing work :)

The Matrix Downloaded is how I met zonzo in the first place. I kept bothering him day after day "TMD TMD TMD!!!", now it's out and I couldn't be more happy. Amazing job. Shame you guys had so many problems. No offense to LF fans, but I mean this compared to The Matrix Still Has You? Come on, it's a no brainer. TMD takes the gold. All three of you never fail to impress, you should work together more often.

It could have been good...

Ah, there is always one person who doesn't like a super popular animation. I happen to be that one.

The animation was done very well, the art was great and then it got ruined. I've seen hundreds of animations that seem like an excuse to use a catchy techno song. This was one of them. The only thing that seemed different from the rest of these was that it used cats. It was like Rocky meets another generic stick fight with Hello Kitty tossed in the mix.

Overall it was pretty cliche, the type of music and the basic story have been used over and over again. Sorry :(

You are a great animator and artists, I just think you need to work on your creativity a bit.

I'm sorry, 3 people to make this?

I'm sorry, I just don't see what's so good about this. You drew two pictures, put them on a picture of flowers and slowly tweened them until they came together. Cmon, you can do better then this!

I have been slowly teaching myself flash since a few years ago.I just got my first daily 3rd place. I really feel honored. I make flash to make people laugh and even if it's just a cheap laugh. Even hearing that I made someone smile makes my day.

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